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Staff of Lincoln Heights School

Lincoln Heights School teaching community stands behind NZEI’s negotiations for better funding for our support staff. Our students deserve more. Teachers deserve and need the support provided in our busy classrooms. Support staff deserve an increase in their hourly wages. New Zealand Educators are teachers and support staff together as teams we are making a difference for the future. We vote give the support team more pay now. They are value for money.

Estelle Henrys, Suz Bassett, and Lynne Blumshohn

Estelle – Teacher Aide Librarian : because Teacher Aides cannot be paid according to their salary band
Suz Bassett – Office Manager : because Support Staff are not paid in the holidays
Lynne Blumsohn – Teacher Aide : because I want to be valued for what I do. I get paid less than my son who washes dishes at a restaurant.

Display for parents to read and sign petition