Pay support staff properly as professionals

Support staff are worth it. Listen to this amazing short video where support staff discuss the scope and requirements of their employment. They are often the experts on complex issues and needs, technology, health and safety, and relied on for their expertise by other staff. Where’s the professional development in their job description? They need to be compensated for the professionals that they are.
Listen to Monique Jansonius-Albers (main speaker) as the camera moves left we have Lynice Anderson, Jenny Wansbrough and Calley Whale as the second speaker.
Monique and Calley have agreed to be the teacher aide representatives for pay parity from the Taranaki Area Council.
Pay negotiations for support staff continue with the Ministry of Education, as school face making hard budget choices and cutting support staff hours. The Budget raised the ops grant by 1.3%, while our research shows that we need 4% to get us back to where we were and give support staff a 2% pay increase.

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