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Parents, educators, and commentators are sharing their concerns about bulk funding and their support for the Paid Union Meetings. Here’s a taste of what people have been saying.

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As many of you know, there will be disruptions nationwide over the next fortnight in schools as primary and secondary…

Posted by I am Rebekah Corlett on Sunday, 4 September 2016

Tick for Kids coalition supports the NZEI and PPTA campaign
Sunday 4 September 2016

“We are very concerned about the impact of poverty on children’s achievement, and that our schools in low income communities already struggle financially. We worry that the proposed funding model will make it even harder for students and schools from poor areas. We need more equity in education funding to help every child and young person succeed” says Prudence Stone, Tick for Kids Spokesperson.

Mother and daughter, teacher and pupil – they’re all stopping work in protest
Sunday 4 September, 2016

(Suzanne) Preece says the meeting is a way of showing solidarity and concern about the welfare of their students’ education and raise awareness of the Government’s proposed changes to school funding. “It’s bulk funding,” she says. “They can call it global funding, but that’s just like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Hooton hears a fairytale
August 12, 2016

The logical conclusion is that if the New Zealand government pushes ahead with bulk-funding it will be hugely disruptive to educators, who are already at breaking point with workload, and will at best do nothing for children and their learning (if only because educators protect them from the disruption).