Support Staff Day 2017

Every year, the 14th of June is a day to celebrate and recognise support staff. And this year, we're focusing on being valued. Pay equity is soon to be a reality.

Imagine if a politician walked in our shoes for a day.

We invited MPs and candidates to walk in the shoes of a support worker for a day.

Could they hack it in our job?

Do they really know what it's like to do our work?

In May, some MPs took the time to see our work for themselves.

Over 47,000 New Zealanders agreed.

21,610 people have signed our online petition, and 25,856 people have put their name to paper. This adds up to an amazing 47,466 people asking the Minster of Education to unfreeze the operations grant.

Support staff have joined together

The Government's freeze on school funding has complicated ongoing collective agreement negotiations between NZEI Te Riu Roa and the Ministry of Education.

With better funding, support staff could get fairer pay, more secure work hours and an increase in allowances for the specialist tasks they do and skills they bring.

In March, thousands of support staff across Aotearoa gathered together to discuss this.

 Here's what support staff say they need to get a fair result for themselves and the children they support.


agree it is essential to unfreeze the operations grant to progress their Collective Agreement negotiations.


call on the Government to unfreeze the operations grant.


commit to taking further action to win an increase to the operations grant.

The community has spoken

The huge contribution support staff make to the education of children and young people is well recognised by people across New Zealand.

That's why hundreds of people have shared why they think support staff should have better funding.

They all want the Government to recognise the  contribution of support staff too.

Add to the numbers backing our support staff

From teacher aides, therapists and kaiarahi i te Reo to office administrators, librarians and science technicians - it's time to get behind them, their schools and their students.

Better funding for support staff means better learning for kids. That's good for everyone.