Support Staff Day 2017

Support Staff Day is Wednesday, 14 June

This year we're recognising and celebrating the true value of support staff, which is gaining momentum through our claims for pay equity.

We know it's hard for support staff to stay upbeat when negotiations over their collective agreement have been so disappointing and slow.

However, the good news is the Government has committed to progressing pay equity in general, and has prioritised teacher aides in particular. We're going to hold them to that!

There is hope. Aged care workers won 20 to 40 percent pay rises as part of their successful battle for pay equity. They showed what's possible, when people come together in a union to fight for what is fair and just.

Activity: Messages to a woman of the future

This year we've produced star-shaped messages to "a woman of the future" which we are asking support staff - including non members, to fill in on Support Staff Day.

What to do

  1. Print off the activity sheet. There's two messages per A4 sheet.
  2. Print off the email signup sheet.
  3. Encourage your colleagues to fill out a message to a woman of the future. Ask them if they'd like to also sign up for email updates, and have them fill in their name, email and school on the signup sheet.
  4. Return the messages and the signup sheets to National Office—scan and email them to

We'll then organise to hand them over to girls at secondary schools around the country to open in the future, when support staff have won the battle for equal pay.

Flyers: We Are Worth It!

Every day, teacher aides and other support staff go to work and change children's lives—and now we're going to make history.

Help share the message of why pay equity offers such a ray of hope to support staff with these flyers.

What to do

  1. Print off the flyer. There's one flyer per A4 sheet.
  2. Post them on noticeboards, pop them in pigeon holes, hand them out to colleagues, friends, and whānau!

Authorised by Paul Goulter, National Secretary, NZEI Te Riu Roa, 178 Willis St, Wellington.