Taking our stories to MPs

What does it take to get an MP to step into the shoes of a teacher aide and work alongside them for a day?  The power of persuasion from a passionate NZEI member, it turns out!  Dana Turnbull, chair of the Hokonui branch, has got a pledge from local MP Todd Barclay to find out what it’s like to do essential — but low-paid and insecure work — supporting children’s learning.  Thumbs up to Todd for being prepared to do it – the next step is to persuade him and his caucus colleagues that the Government needs to unfreeze school funding so that support staff can get a fair pay rise without their hours being cut!  All along the route of the Better Funding tour, educators will be reminding MPs and aspiring political candidates that we need more investment in teaching and learning, not tax cuts, to ensure our kids get the education they deserve.

three NZEI members with van at Damien O'Connors office

West Coast members keep their MP informed of our Better Funding, Better Learning campaign

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