Tracey Martin at Warkworth Primary School

Tracey Martin of NZ First joined staff at Warkworth.

Hello, my name is Tracey Martin and I’m the education spokesperson for New Zealand First. Today I’m here at Warkworth Primary School in the middle of Warkworth and I’m spending time with some teacher aides, with some amazing young children who need extra support inside our system.

I’m here because our teacher aides are underfunded, and our children — these children — are not receiving the amount of money that they need to be well supported in an inclusive education environment.

Our Education and Science Select Committee inquiry into dyslexia, dyspraxia, and children on the autism spectrum once again proved that this is the case.

So I’m here talking to these amazing people who spend their time and this school like many schools that take from their operations grant to support these kids. Because we need to make sure that more politicians understand this has got to be funded much much better than it is right now.

Tracey’s visit also got a great writeup on Stuff.

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