Send a message to a woman of the future


Many of us grew up knowing that we would be treated differently, just because we were women—including earning less for our work.

Over 40 years after the Equal Pay Act was passed, women are still earning less than men for doing the same work. Work that has been traditionally done by women—such as caring and working with young children—has been historically undervalued.

But for girls growing up today, this looks like it'll be different. Women in underpaid professions now have a chance to set that right and claim fairer pay for their work.

Women working in aged care won this right in April of 2017. Now, it's the turn of teacher aides and other support staff to get treated fairly too.

For Support Staff Day 2017, we're writing messages to the women of the future, telling them how proud we are to be a part of the pay equity movement.

When we've won pay equity we'll give these to young women in New Zealand schools, to celebrate the fact that they won't have to wonder any more if they deserve to be paid as much as men.

Messages to women in the future...

Vivienne Johnson

Every day I go to work and change children’s lives by providing a welcoming space, filled with books to encourage curiosity and develop imagination. A centre point to access information for knowledge building and best of all the love of reading.
When you read this women will have won the right to fair pay and will no longer have to explain why we deserve to be paid as much as men.
Today, I’m proud to be part of the movement that made that possible for you.
From Vivienne Johnson

Kim Hirst

I love helping people!…I love helping children grow in confidence and be proud of their achievements! I love seeing their faces when they ‘get it!’ Such a rewarding career.

Stephanie Mills

I’m keen on pay equity via my daughter is 17 and will be entering the workforce in the next few years. Go hard for what is right and build on the gains of your mothers and grandmothers!

Marg B

You are valuable, worthwhile & totally needed so be your most authentic self, freely expressed, & deserving of equity on all levels.
You are perfect just as you are.

Susan Toth

Enjoy wholeheartedly what path you choose. Be generous with your time and skills to others who need support.
Be a lifelong learner.
Above all else , value yourself and know your worth.

Linda Jordan

I go to work everyday to empower students to be the best they can with the resources they have and to never say ‘it is not possible’.


Being there for them and teaching them the strategies and skills they need to learn. My work helps children become confident learners and better citizens. Knowing that I make a difference in their lives makes me feel great.